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Marc Thielman


Marc is loved across the state of Oregon and nationally by people from all political backgrounds for his unifying leadership style, problem solving acumen, and his steadfast principle of standing up to do what’s right⁠—even in the face of adversity or political backlash.

As Superintendent of the Alsea School district, Marc’s fight against Oregon agenda-driven school closure and masking politics has made the national spotlight as he has worked to restore personal liberty for all Oregonians during the last several years of unprecedented government overreach.His advocacy for parents’ and student’s rights has yielded ACTUAL RESULTS in the fight for liberty:

• He fought to keep his rural school district OPEN during the lockdowns, and his was the ONLY district to provide critical IN PERSON LEARNING for students K-12. His district’senrollment exploded 500%

• He stood up for Oregon families to help them respond to forced masking when it harmed their students, providing options and pushing back on the governor’s overreach

• He is the Chief Petitioner in the School Choice Initiative, which offers a creative solution to expand learning options for Oregon students and attaches the money to the student

• He is the ONLY gubernatorial candidate to testify to the unelected bureaucrats at the Oregon Health Authority on their forced agenda of permanent indoor masking and masking all students.

• His school board put the masking decision back to the parents and sparked a state-wide movement as many districts followed in opposition to the draconian and unscientific politicized policies.

Standing up to weaponized state agencies, Marc demanded that the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education and the governor’s office produce an objective measurement of the impact of government imposed shut down on students and families versus the impact of the virus on these students and families. The results of his advocacy contributed to the “surprise” school reopening announcement by Governor Brown on December 23rd, 2020!

Marc is an effective voice for the voiceless –tirelessly demanding the science and transparency from state government agencies, and championing the struggle imposed by draconian and highly politicized COVID policies, which have done unjustifiable harm toOregon students, families, businesses and communities.

Outside the education sphere, Marc is a sought-after policy expert on both sides of the aisle. He has created a solution for the financial crisis created by the Public Education Retirement System (which progressives refused to adopt) and aided in creative market-based solutions across many policy areas. He is known for his creative approach to problem solving that creates wins for all parties.

Marc is a fierce advocate of environmental stewardship, with a unique background in biology and experience as a small business tree farmer. He champions local control and will restore rights and resources to farmers, ranchers, loggers, and miners.

Marc’s economic plans for Oregon include revitalizing our neglected ports, investing in infrastructure, and making Oregon the gateway to the nation.

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