Mark B. Peters


Researching the “meanings of life” for the past 40 years, Mark Peters set out from the US Military Academy at West Point, to search for these answers. He pursued various sources: Eastern Religions, meditation groups, studying the Tenrikyo religion in Japan where he received the “Osazuke” grant of channeling healing energy, and anywhere he thought he could learn. He also focused on the teachings and information provided by ET contactee, Hal Wilcox, a contemporary of the 1950’s contactees such as Dan Fry, Robert Short, and George Adamski. Hal had passed a live lie detector test given on the old Joe Pyne show, and his information had never been proven wrong. In addition, though, as ETs related, the critical mission now of America, is succeeding in her 3rd test of destiny – American Heritage – her values and endangered freedoms. (the 1st test was freedom of religion – the revolutionary war, the 2nd test – civil rights – the civil war) – America is the great test on this planet of whether “self governance” can succeed.

Recognizing even back then in 1978 the threat of Government surveillance and intrusion into our private lives, he created “INTERWORLD PRIVACY PROTECTION ”, providing Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures for corporations, celebrities and anyone who was under electronic observation. Entrepreneur Magazine stated his being the foremost expert in small business security. Mark also promoted the creation of the American Heritage Band, getting recognized by Congressman Bob Dornan in the Congressional Record and was endorsed by Senators John Glenn, and Paul Laxalt. Later he created “CALIFORNIANS for an INDEPENDENT AMERICA”, and was the majority author (along with Mayor Fasi of Honolulu) of the “Alien Land Initiative”, a proposed California Proposition to restrict foreign ownership of California land and homes (Mark was interviewed by Financial News Network). He points out that foreign purchases of California land and homes are now a bigger problem exacerbated by immense amounts of transferred Chinese money, much of it from corrupted sources. On his own initiative, Mark has traveled, taught and lectured in China 23 times, given over 40 lectures on subjects ranging from concepts of American law, to UFOs, becoming, in 1994, the 1st American in Sichuan province, and perhaps all of China, to lecture on UFOs (to The Chengdu UFO Society). Mark found a great hunger for information by many objective scientists, meteorologists and young people, for ET visitation information. He interviewed viewers of UFOs, also meeting with the head Lama/Arjia of the one of the top 5 Buddhist Monasteries in China – in old Tibet, Qinghai province (Kum Bum – “Ta’er Si” ) who described to him the UFOs that hovered above the monastery – the same model as the one that Mark saw in 1978, that Adamski photographed, that Hal had travelled on, and that a German Luftwaffe Pilot photographed in February of 1945 (see also researched the Chinese version of “Big Foot” the “Ye Ren” – the “Wild Man of China”. He has also discovered an Archaeological Anomaly at Easter Island, verified by an Archaeology Ph.D, and is seeking funding for ground penetrating radar and excavation there.

Mark has found that regardless of circumstance, each of us can achieve spiritual development using techniques that were given to Hal Wilcox which have a fundamental basis in body chemistry and meditative techniques. His travels throughout China, studying in Japan, researching the pyramids at Giza, and Teotihuacan, studying law also at Hebrew University, Israel and Universidad Pan Americana in Mexico City, have all imposed upon him the recognition that there is a universality of goodness amongst most people, and a yearning for answers to the fundamental questions of life; but there is also a fight against darkness, ignorance, fear and evil. Being a practitioner of family and criminal law in Pomona, CA for over 25 years, although he has seen great vulnerability and hostility, he has great hope for our planet’s evolution forward, guided and instructed by certain “good” ET Aliens, who are humans, just like you and I. They colonized this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago, and have not abandoned us. BUT, they cannot do for us, what we must do for ourselves. They can provide us, and have, with tools and methods to grow spiritually and technologically, but we must make the choices, each on our own, to put forth the determined effort. “What we can conceive, we can achieve.” Mark is also a long time member of MUFON Orange County, CA, and encourages everyone to attend their lectures to get a well rounded perspective of UFO/ETs and their reality.

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