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Appearances on The Hagmann Report, Coach Dave Live, and On the Objective

Matt Szyszkiewicz


Matt Szyszkiewicz (sis-KEV-itch ) is a 51 year old single father, Master Mechanic,
follower of Jesus Christ and an active Catholic who started the “Sheepdogs” Security Team at his local parish in New Hampshire.

Matt is an entrepreneur who started his own business at 19, opening a garage with a tool box, floor jack, a mechanics’ creeper and determination to work hard and get his piece of The American Dream. After years of building sweat-equity and riding
economic ups and downs, Matt’s garage and repair turned that into a thriving business, negotiating exclusive contracts with multiple local and state police agencies and motor clubs, while creating a living for 5 full time employees.

Matt is a longtime Caravaner who attended last year’s Operation Classified and explained to us his desire to stop asking “what can I do?” to help restore the Republic and just start doing it. Now his team and he are after Hillary Rodham Clinton and not only are they demanding justice, but Matt is here today to inspire each of you to get into the fight for America as well.

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