Matthew Pauly


Matthew Pauly is a return guest to Caravan to Midnight. He is the author of
“The Murder of Time: Making and Unmasking a Sleeper” A non-fiction autobiography that delivers an action narrative of MK-ULTRA, mind-control black op experiments and weapons tests in North America by military, para-military and intelligence in the last decade.

Matthew was a successful computing professional whose life was forever changed by Geneva-Convention violating human experimentation chiefly by American intelligence with Canadian paramilitary support. Once targeted as a non-consensual MK-ULTRA test subject, Matthew’s response was to warn the public of this clandestine R & D that is damaging our democracies.

Matthew will explain the relationship of this research and development to present day ‘terror events’ as he experienced them firsthand.

Matthew recently contacted our Producer and relayed an update to his story so
terrifying and so relevant to what we are seeing the Deep State foist on Western
Civilization today that it left all of us shocked and concerned for his safety. He joins us today to share all of the details with you.

The following interview is for mature audiences and we would like to offer a sincere warning that this information is not for anyone prone to extreme anxiety. What
Matthew is going to talk about will stick in your mind for some time afterwards.

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