Max Igan


Max Igan is worldly traveler, film maker, author, informational podcaster, and a researcher of many things including; “authentic” history, archaeological “logic”, geographic “relocation” and several other topics that relate to the simple, yet highly detailed premise of “Things aren’t what they seem”. He’s had a busy life and lives it near Brisbane Australia amidst a paradise of tropical birds, exotic animals and many God’s other gifts to man. Despite his idyllic settings, Max is highly attuned to the shadowy goings on within the New World Order and their apparent ambitions involving Covid-19 as a cover story.

This may not be the first time such operations have taken place. His perceptions and themes of interest include a “chilling” narrative about the relationship between our present state and what may be a coming change in our state of matter due to a solar minimum and that’s not the ‘Climate change’ Greta Thunberg has been trying to distract us with


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