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Editor and publisher – Informed Choice Magazine – 1996 to 2008

Meryl Dorey


Meryl is a native New Yorker who moved to Australia 32 years ago with her Australian husband, a macadamia farmer in New South Wales. They have 4 children, the eldest of whom was injured by his DPT vaccine at 2 months of age and later, by his MMR (measles mumps and rubella) shot. As a result of these reactions, Meryl started to research this subject. Many visits to medical libraries (this was before internet access was common) and hundreds of medical journal articles later, Meryl founded an organization called the Australian Vaccination Network, Inc (AVN). 26 years later, it is still in operation (though the government forced the organization to change its name, claiming that after 16 years, it was somehow misleading).

Since its inception, the AVN has operated to provide information and support to individuals and families suffering from discrimination as a result of their vaccination choices. Their lobbying of the Australian government saw the introduction of a right to conscientious objection which protected a generation of children from the scourge of compulsory vaccination until the introduction of No Jab No Pay in 2016. The AVN is currently working with healthcare practitioners and aged care workers facing forced vaccination due to the supposed COVID-19 pandemic. We believe strongly that since all medical procedures can cause lifelong injury or death, they must always be a matter of free and informed choice. (this is really long! Please just cut anything you think is not important)

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