Patrea Patrick


Patrea Patrick is a filmmaker, novelist. Patrea is an advocate for securing our Grid as a matter of National Security. She has dedicated years to bringing the issue of vulnerability of the electric grid to the forefront, and reporting on the utilities’ part in not putting forth proper protections. This issue has been hidden from the American people and has now become classified. Her two films on hardening the critical infrastructure from Cyber Wars, Terrorists, and EMP’s are leading edge information. She is an advocate for the Constitution, getting the undue influence of money out of politics, and stopping the revolving door from Wall Street to Washington. Patrea is working to get transparency in government leading to stopping the millionaires club in congress.

In her travels Ms. Patrick has met with the head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Presidential candidates, the former head of the CIA, Congressmen, State Senators, State representative and leading scientists.  She has been to the high clearance secret OPS Center where security threats to our national Security are assessed to discuss this critical subject.

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