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Paul Dayton


Paul Dayton is 34 years old and has over 10 years’ experience in business and investing and has been a panelist on the Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax TV, as well as a featured guest of Kim Wadeon WYAB, Mitch Henck on WHBU and Brandon Vogt on KKOB.

In“Correcting our Financial Miss-education: Raising the Bar for the Average”, Paul Dayton shares the knowledge acquired as he worked so-called “dead end” jobs such as cooking in fast food restaurants;a janitor for office buildings; and delivering newspapers,while starting 8 small business ventures in 7 years –buying 6 rental houses, founding a brick and mortar second hand store, and founding a vending machine route –to accumulate a six figure net worth by his early thirties and building a portfolio with enough cash flow to finance a semi-retired lifestyle enabling him to pursue his other interests; like writing books!

Learn the simple strategies and tips for financial success and career building that Dayton shares in part one of this wonderful volume, so that you too can escape the mindset befalling so many that your job or wage define your fate and take advantage of the incredible opportunities still presented by the availability of upward mobility offered by the precious capitalism remaining in the country.

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