Rabbi Yonason Goldson


Rabbi Yonason Goldson took the long road to the rabbinate, graduating the University of California with a degree in English Literature, circumnavigating the globe, hitchhiking across the United States, and backpacking across Europe before he settled into nine years of talmudic scholarship in the Land of Israel.  He now lives with his wife in St. Louis, Missouri, where he teaches, writes, and lectures to a variety of audiences.  He has authored four books and hundreds of articles on contemporary issues, current events, inspiration, education, childraising, history, philosophy, spirituality, personal growth, and self-awareness, available at

He has spent two decades formulating traditional, conservative, and religious values into a language that doesn’t just preach to the choir, but can promote positive debate between the right and the left, as a columnist for the very liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Baltimore Sun and for the very conservative Jewish World Review, among many others. His editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch once told him that he was the only moderate she had ever read who didn’t come across as flaky and wishy-washy.

He has been teaching high school for 22 years — Jewish studies, but with an emphasis on integrating religious philosophy and traditional values into our understanding of the natural world and human society and presenting them to a general audience.  This largely describes the structure of his new book.

The book, Proverbial Beauty:  Secrets for Success and Happiness from the Wisdom of the Ages, is a collection of such insights, applying ancient wisdom to contemporary issues and problems.  There is no doubt that your audience will find the topics he brings to the table entertaining and informative.

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