Randall Terry


Mr. Terry is known worldwide as one of the most controversial Christian leaders and activists alive. The Founder of Operation Rescue and pro-life leader, Mr. Terry has been arrested nearly fifty times for peaceful pro-life activism, and spent over 1 year of his life in various jails and prisons.

He is an author of seven books with over 300,000 copies in print; an accomplished musician, he has released three albums of original music; he is the host of the daily TV show “Voice of Resistance” seen on over 100 Christian television stations on The Walk TV network. 

Mr. Terry has a Masters Degree in Diplomacy, with a Concntration in International Terrorism from Norwich Univeristy – one of the oldest military schools in America.

Mr. Terry has used his Masters Degree research on Islam and Muhammad, and his media experience to create the first in depth documentary on the role that Muhammad – Islam’s Founder – plays in Islamic terrorism.

Randall Terry has been described as a “AAA Guest”

The New York Times called him an “Icon”

Randall has been a guest on: Oprah, 60 Minutes, Meet the Press, 60 Minutes II, Hannity, Larry King Live, The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, NightLine, 48 Hours, Crossfire, Donahue, the BBC, Italian Television, Niko Television, ABC World News Tonight, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more. 

He has been featured in The New York Times, The Rolling Stone, Playboy, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News & World Report, People Magazine, Roll Call, der Spiegel, Christianity Today, World Magazine, and most major newspapers in the United States. 

Experience and Knowledge for Interviews and/or Debate

As a Christian, Mr. Terry argues that historically, America was founded self-consciously on the “Higher Law” principles of the Judeo/Christian heritage.  Some of those (cont.) Judeo/Christian truths concerning God, human rights, human liberty, and divine law are clearly referred to in the Declaration of Independence.

Mr. Terry has written and lectured extensively on this topic, including his book The Sword, now in its fourth printing. Here’s a sample of Mr. Terry’s rhetoric: “To those who would reject the ethics of Mount Sinai and The Sermon on the Mount, I ask you this: what will you put in its place?  Who are your heroes?  And what are the societal and political fruits of their ethics? The tyrants of the past all have this in common: they self-consciously reject the Law of Moses and the ethics of Christ. If you want to see what a government and a culture look like without Judeo-Christian underpinnings, inspect the Former Soviet Union, or Communist China, or Nazi Germany, or Saudi Arabia.”

Other Points of Interest about Mr. Terry:

– Met Pope John Paul II

– Lectured at the Vatican at an international pro-life conference

– Traveled to 28 countries, lectured around the world

– Received numerous death threats on himself and his family

– Has an extensive library, with many artifacts

– Is a prankster, a practical joker, and friends say he has a great sense of humor (which helps him as a guest on controversial subjects.)

Reviews for WWMD?

“‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ is the best Movie Series/TV production on the life of Muhammad and Islamic terrorism that has ever been produced. The ultimate weapon to defeat Islamic terror – oddly enough – is the record of Muhammad’s life, the Founder of Islam. ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) shows us Muhammad in easy to understand lessons. WWMD? is more than recommended, it is a necessity if we are to understand Islam and Islamic terrorism…and then defeat it.”

Dr. Bill Warner

Author; “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,” and “The Life of Muhammad,” (and 13 other books on Islam and Islamic terrorism.)

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