Ron Mann


I born was in Utah, I am married and have eight children and great wife. I dare say without her I would not be alive. She is all a man could want plus a whole lot more. I enjoy reading mountain climbing, drawing, painting and writing. My wife and I are active in our Church and enjoy working with youth. During the Korean War I spent four plus years in Air Force Intelligence. I have spent many years in politics, which eventually give me the opportunity to work for President Reagan (I was also offered a Job In the Nixon Administration, which I turned down). I was a special assistant in Presidential Personnel. I was charged with selecting all the presidential appointments to national security, intelligence and foreign policy, which included selecting all the ambassadors world wide as well as doing a multitude of other tasks. I was also appointed at the Director and Deputy Director of the Commission on the Bi-centennial of the United States Constitution. After that I served a short period of time working for Church on the same subject and returned to Boeing where I subsequently retired. I have written three books and acted as a ghost writer for many leaders, given many talks on the Constitution, the Revolutionary War, and Freedom. I am considered a scholar on George Washington and have spent more than sixty years studying him and as a result have accumulated a large library on him and our other founding fathers. Presently I have a small farm where we raise organic fruit and nuts. I enjoy experimenting in the field of agriculture. I also continue to dabble in politics.

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