Ronnie Mitchem


Ronnie Mitchem, a loving, but no-nonsense former US Marine, has preached across the continental United States and abroad.

Ronnie is an evangelist. He crafts the art of the win in football and he builds young men. He was also the head football coach of the V&P Sharks high school football team (2012-2017) where the deplorable example demonstrated by Colin Kaepernick and then mimicked by millionaire athletes all over the NFL oozed over into Coach Mitchem’s locker room.

Pastor Mitchem’s life experiences as a former US Marine and businessman enriched his calling and preaching style.

Because of this, he has reached thousands for the cause of Christ in on the grid iron, in the streets, and inside America’s prison-industrial-complexes.

Ronnie Mitchem resides in Crosby, Texas with his wife, Stacey. They have three children: Kerstin, Lynzie, and Chase.

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