Sandee Mac


To say that my childhood was unconventional is an understatement. I was actually raised in a traveling carnival, where my parents were in the food concession business at the big State Fairs. It wasn’t quite what you might be imagining. My parents were intelligent, successful, and had deep spiritual values, open minds, and high expectations for themselves and their children. They made certain that I received a broad and extensive education. I learned to think “outside the box,” and this has become one of the most valuable traits that I have for helping so many people.

I left home to study Fine Arts, Sociology and Criminology. After graduation, I worked for several years at Douglas County Mental Hospital in Superior, Wisconsin. My heart ached for my patients, because I knew that they were constantly suffering and so desperate. I knew that the drugs barely masked their problems, and was appalled at their lack of options. I wanted something better for these people, I KNEW there was something better, so I made it my life’s mission to find out what that was.

Since the 1970’s I have studied, trained, and been certified in many different healing modalities such as Past Life Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bach Flower Remedies, Shamanism, Dowsing, and methods practiced by native and indigenous peoples. I have traveled around the world, seeking more systems for healing in places like Peru, China, Tibet, Greece and Africa. To date, I have learned 70 different healing modalities. The Emotion Code and The Body Code, as taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, are very important components in my healing work, and I combine them with dowsing and any other modality that a client may need.

I am a deeply spiritual person and I believe in infinite possibilities. I believe that we have great potential and can have a powerful influence over our lives. I have always wanted to do work in the way that Jesus did, to be able to “speak the word” and help heal and change people’s lives. He said we could do the same as He did and more. It is really that simple! Every day, I am seeing proof of this, that we can make profound changes, whether you want to improve your health, your wealth or your happiness.

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