Sara Soulati


Founder and CEO of Global Cardio Care® Inc.

Sara Soulati is one of the leading authority on Enhanced External Counterpulsation or EECP for short. Since 1996, when she began her pursuit of knowledge in this field, Sara has applied her expertise to thousands of people with cardiovascular disease, those seeking anti-aging techniques, people interested in disease prevention, as well as elite athletes.

As CEO and founder of Global Cardio Care, Inc. since 2002, Sara’s mission is to save lives with a non-surgical therapy, her lifestyle modification program and education. Sara invented the patent-pending Sara Soulati Health for Life Program as a way to help treat with EECP, assess with instant feedback about daily lifestyle habits, educate with her daily audio program, and coach people with love and support.

The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program bridges a connection with plant-based nutrition and how inferior foods contribute to inflammatory disease.

Her training in nursing, medical anthropology and biology with her own vegan lifestyle make her a renowned EECP expert with full understanding that cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness that can be prevented.  Sara, who manages a physician practice with lifestyle coaches and EECP technicians, holds advanced knowledge of how EECP affects disease prevention, reversal of disease and how the therapy affects body physiology.

Sara’s inventions now include a methodology of EECP done differently than any other EECP professional. She learned and study all the effects of EECP therapy to address all cardiovascular diseases. She is the only EECP professional in the world to offer an EECP methodology done right and oriented to reversal of disease and prevention.

Sara has been helping people with severe cardiovascular disease; those informed by physicians and cardiologists to ‘go home, get your affairs in order.’ With a combination of her lifestyle program with EECP therapy, a non-surgical alternative to heart-bypass surgery, Sara offers hope where there is none.

She studies how EECP affects circulation throughout the entire body from head to toe.  She applies cultural and genetic implications of disease to always perfect the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. Her unique perspective, blending a non-surgical treatment with medical anthropology based on lifestyle factors and human behavior, provide a healthcare solution to the number-one cause of mortality in the world – cardiovascular disease. 

She and her team provide the missing link in healthcare – education, instant feedback, coaching, support, and love.

This softer side of healthcare uncovers what’s innately true of humans – each want to please, succeed and live healthy. With the continued feedback and encouragement Sara offers, people embark on a miraculous recovery from end-stage congestive heart failure, for example, and become champions for their future health and longevity.

Sara located her management firm in the heart of urban Los Angeles in Inglewood. There she offers people in that community and elsewhere in the country an opportunity to practice health every day.

In 2001, Sara received funding from First A.M.E. Church to administer her program and save lives in Inglewood. One of the largest churches in the inner city recognized early that Sara’s services were of critical importance to African-Americans in Los Angeles.

Today, Global Cardio Care Centers in Inglewood is the largest, independent treatment facility in the world oriented to EECP. It and Global Cardio Care—West Los Angeles are the only two centers in the world where Sara’s program is offered. 

Upwards of 30,000 treatment hours of EECP are delivered annually.

EECP is clinically proven to positively affect angina pectoris, the health of the endothelium within arteries, and circulation throughout organs and the vascular system. It is also shown to influence a decrease in hypertension, the effects of stroke, diabetes, chest pain, heart disease, obesity, and other illnesses. For more information, visit

The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program teaches anti-inflammation techniques to help clients make changes in nutrition that eliminates animal by-products, reduces stress with relaxation and meditation, includes daily exercise, and blends EECP therapy as a lifestyle medicine program.

As a vegan at the young age of 19-years-old, Sara knew plant-based nutrition was the answer to cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. During her early medical training, Sara saw the dependency of healthcare on pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention. She saw firsthand the lack of knowledge and education about how food impacts inflammation and that plant-based nutrition was critical to healthy longevity.  This launched her quest to build a program centered around plant-based nutrition that also saved lives without medications or costly surgeries,

In 2003, she produced a series of audiotapes to teach people what she knew about plant-based nutrition, food preparation, hydration, stress reduction and relaxation techniques, exercise, detoxification, and more. With her audiotapes, she teaches every minute of every day during EECP therapy. Her mission is to save lives with education, alternative lifestyle choices, and non-surgical, lifestyle medicine.

Sara is a frequent lecturer in churches, at senior centers, and at community centers and special health events to teach people how to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease with her successful lifestyle program.  She is an influencer and sought-after authority on EECP, alternative health and a frequent guest on a variety of media.

Sara graduated in 2000 from California State Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in applied medical anthropology and biology.

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YouTube channel of 108 patient, physician, community leader videos explaining experiences with Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

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