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Scott Cahill


Scott Cahill has directly managed or supervised over half a billion dollars of work across the United States over the past forty years. These have included constructing and repairing bridges, airports, petrochemical and chemical plants and buildings, water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as dams and dam repairs. Mr. Cahill has constructed earthen, concrete, and stone dams and has completed repairs to hundreds of dams. Mr. Cahill is the Director of Watershed Services Inc. and has specialized in water-related construction (both under water and above) and maintenance and related consulting services for the past fifteen years.

Mr. Cahill has been intimately involved in issues of dam and infrastructure safety throughout the United States. He is active in the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, where he has provided training for the states’ dam safety officials. He is active in water quality and has offered many papers and training for many organizations including Virginia Lakes and Watersheds. He has acted as a presenter and participated in training of dam safety officials at FEMA dam conferences as well as Dept of Transportation training. Mr. Cahill is nationally recognized as an expert in the repair and construction of dams and heavy civil structures. Mr. Cahill and Watershed Services have been interviewed for and featured on the CBS Evening News and been featured in local news stories about dams throughout the eastern United States.

Mr. Cahill has spoken before many groups of engineers, dam owners, and those interested in issues of water quality and safety, The Dept. of Transportation, F.E.M.A. and others, and has done many presentations and speeches on a variety of technical subjects as well as humorous presentations, speeches about construction safety, speeches about the modeling of hydrology, and the preparation of plans for emergency actions. He has been interviewed on CBS local and CBS Evening News. He appeared on Good Morning America to discuss removing his sister from the South Pole Station in Antarctica. (Icebound, by Jerri Nielsen, M.D.)

Mr. Cahill has written many articles in national and International magazines, technical manuals, poetry, and blogs regularly on Linkedin. Mr. Cahill’s blogs have readership as high as 300,000+ per piece, covering issues of infrastructure, physics, and politics.

Mr. Cahill holds a USCG 100-Ton Captain’s License, and a commercial air diver supervisor card from the Association of Diving Contractors International. Mr. Cahill has been involved in diving operations since the late 1960s and is regularly consulted on highly technical diving operations and underwater construction operations. He is a multi-engine, instrument rated pilot, and has held high level security clearance.

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