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Scott Kesterson


Scott Kesterson has spent over 3.5 years in Afghanistan. He was the first embedded citizen journalist in Department of Defense, and was awarded an Emmy for his videography shorts of combat in 2007. He had previous served in the Oregon Army National Guard from 1983-1991. From 2008 – 2011, Kesterson worked with Special Operations teams in Afghanistan developing methods of narrative warfare and training tools for engagement and cultural influence. From 2011 – 2016, Kesterson was founder and CEO of a cultural intelligence company contracted with Department of Defense. Kesterson has worked with private corporations, Department of Defense, and other US government and non-governmental organizations. He has pioneered work in narrative warfare, cultural analysis and information operations, lead Five Eyes R&D teams for next generation threats and developed training for Special Operations teams for narrative warfare. In 2016, Kesterson stood up the Super pac- Kilroy Rising composed of over 120 Special Operations Veterans vets to support President Donald Trump and built The American Brand, a pre-Q movement organization designed to bypass main stream media and create citizen based news and open source intelligence. Today he is Founder and CEO of Xpedition Cafe, a documentary film and production company that focuses on human interest stories from experiences rooted in conviction, ruthlessness and righteousness.

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