Shannon Leroux


Shannon Leroux is a professional Wellness Expert who has enjoyed many successes in the world of film and television, as well as health and fitness. Currently based in Toronto, Shannon’s busy professional agenda keeps her well aware of the importance of balance.

Professionally, Shannon is a highly sought after on-camera spokesperson/host, voice talent, actress, Pro Figure/Fitness model and athlete., She works, however, to place emphasis on being a regular person with real, everyday issues similar to every woman and parent.

Shannon’s success is not happenstance. As a seasoned and established talent her vivacious and charismatic disposition place her in high demand. She has worked alongside some corporate giants namely: Global TV, Toyota, Zales, OLN, TTN, The Shopping Channel, Beyond Fitness Magazine and TMN. Shannon is a graduate of the world renowned Second City Training Center in Toronto Canada, home of SNL’s John Candy, Gilda Radner and Martin Short. She has a busy off-camera schedule with a variety of projects ranging from commercial advertising, corporate presentations and a comprehensive range of industrial productions. Actively competing as an athlete in the world Pro Figure and Fitness arenas, Shannon keeps her six foot frame in peak condition. She is a strong supporter of fitness for kids and provides both consultations and motivational talks to both young and more mature audiences. Her dedication to health and fitness is a big part of her success and she enthusiastically encourages everyone she meets to pursue a stronger and more healthy existence.

Shannon is often referred to as “Everywoman’s Wellness Power House” world renowned fitness personality. Shannon Leroux has travelled the globe sharing her passion for positive thinking, health and fitness. A World Figure Champion, Fitness Model and Mother of two, you may recognize her regular appearances in countless publications and from her Television clients such as Toyota, The Shopping Channel, The Outdoor Life Network, Star TV, TNT, Global TV and Second City. Shannon has worked with several leading corporations including SC Johnson & Company, Oxygen Magazine, Inside Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Nature Valley and more. Shannon is honoured to be considered the “First Call Hosting Talent” of Canada.

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