Sophia from Tennessee has been a guest speaker at many forums, including live audiences and radio. She shares her personal story and experience living as a Christian in the Middle East. Sophia tells a chilling story that will never be heard on American news outlets, gripping the audience’s attention as she explains the true experience of Middle East Christians living under Shariah, rather than the dishonest spin from the typical mass media. Getting the truth out to Americans puts her at risk wherever she speaks.

What motivates Sophia to speak out about the evils of Islam and Shariah is the gift of American citizenship, freedom and dignity she enjoys, as the threat of the Islamization of America becomes a greater than ever before as a result of an ignorant, passive and seemingly uncaring society.

Sophia speaks for the voiceless, the many millions of innocents who no longer have a voice and are being slaughtered or subjugated throughout the world.

Her message is to inform and share the truth seldom discussed about the Political Islamic Ideology that hides behind and uses the mask of religion. Not since the founding of our country has America been at such dangerous crossroads following the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan. Islam and Shariah represent the very worst of the totalitarian fascism evil.

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