– Finca Bayano


Stefan Mudry


Stefan was born in Germany. It was as far back as in the mid 90ies that he had his first doubts about the system we are living in and it’s future. By then, he was only wondering about the demographic development, as it simply would have been impossible for the society to become older and, at the same time, having less children who pay pensions of future generations.

He read hundreds of books, most of which were very contradictory, but it was not before information in the internet was available that he believed to understand for the first time how the system is working. After realizing how the monetary part of the system is functioning, he started to buy precious metals around 2000 and as soon as 2006 he started to look for a Bug-Out Location. By then, he still could hardly believe that the system would collapse one day, but since one and one make two, the collapse of the system has to happen. Nowadays, we know what’s wrong and what might happen therefore, but 12 years ago they called you crazy when you talked about a possible collapse of the system.

Owning a very well known restaurant in Berlin, Stefan was earning good money that enabled him to travel a lot to find out which country would suit best the needs for a Bug-Out Location. In 2006 he started a teak plantation in Panama while he was preparing to move out from Berlin. The “so-called” crisis of 2008, which most probably was artificial, was a real signal for him and in 2009 he decided to leave Germany, selling his business and moving to Panama as early as January of 2010.

It took him more than half a year to find the land where he expected the best conditions: Garnadera, a small village, 200 miles west of Panama City in a very sparsely populated area. He called the place Finca Bayano and that’s what we talking about today.

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