Steve Carr


Steve Carr is:

– President of Alliance Group: (Mr. Carr has been the President of the Private Equity Group, Alliance Group since 2012.) 

– President of Shared Abundance: (He is also the President and Founder of a Transfer Spending Entity called Shared Abundance, recently established in January 2019.)

– Co-Founder of “Alliance International”: (Mr. Carr also Co-Founded “Alliance International” which was a Private Equity entity that invested in Natural Resources utilizing a proprietary technology that successfully discovered resources for a fraction of the normal cost and negative environmental impact on planet Earth of traditional previous methods.)

– Co-Author of “Celebrate Life” (1993): A book dealing with the foundational myths of overpopulation, lack of resources, & other inevitable environmental catastrophes.

Host of the daily radio show “Destiny”: The radio show aired in 38 markets from 1993 till the end of 1999, which focused on solutions to worldwide challenges. 

You can contact Mr. Carr though his website.


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