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Suzanne is currently a columnist at the Washington Examiner. She’s also a contributor at The Federalist and a former contributor at Fox News. Her 2012 article, “The War on Men,” remains one of Fox News’ most read op-eds in history.

Suzanne’s work has appeared in publications such as TimeUSA TodayParents and the New York Post and has been featured in The Wall Street JournalNewsweek, The Atlantic, Forbes, The Huffington Post and London’s Daily Mail.

Her TV credits include Fox & Friends, STOSSEL, The View, CNN, ABC and more. She has appeared on hundreds of radio programs throughout the country, and her work has been featured on “The Dr. Laura Program,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

Suzanne Venker


Suzanne Venker is the author of The Bossy Wife Diet. She is a Relationship Coach, who teaches women how to succeed with men by rejecting the bogus concept of ‘sexual equality’ and exposing the false feminist agenda.

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