Taansen Fairmont


Taansen Fairmont is spreading awareness of simple ways, which most people do not know about, to enjoy greater financial freedom. There are laws within our own legal system that can empower the individual over the private banks.

Taansen Fairmont is a consultant on debt elimination, natural law trusts, and asset protection. He is a former keynote speaker at numerous international investment conferences worldwide, on ocean cruises and at many exotic resorts, around the Pacific Rim, Asia, and the Caribbean. He is also a frequent guest on numerous radio shows.
Taansen has been a manager of various pure natural law sovereign irrevocable trusts since 1993. In 2002 he found himself in major credit card debt, created a debt elimination system to cancel his debts, and it made such a difference in his life he felt compared to share it.

He has either spoken at or attended hundreds of seminars on asset protection, individual sovereignty, debt elimination, the global currency reset, the banking cabal, mortgage fraud, prosperity programs, and more.

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