Tom Byers


B.A. Liberal Arts (History) Thiel College, 1983
Cum Laude, Phi Alpha Theta.
Honorable Discharge, 28th Infantry Division, 28th Battalion, Company A, Pennsylvania National Guard Army Signal Corps, 1984-1987 (Injured on Active Duty)
AT&T IOC: Soviet Union office, Cuba office, Ship to Shore, McMurdo Base. 1989-1994
Borough of Crafton: Councilman, 1994-2010, Chairman, Public Safety, Public Works, President, Vice President, FEMA Certified. (ICS 100 series, NIMS IS 700 series)

LandAmerica: Title Examiner, Curative, Eviction Co-ordination. 2000 – 2010 (2008-2010, various holding companies while the company was in receivership)

Amateur Profiling Investigator. 2000 – present.
Edward L. Stewart, Crafton Mayor, mentor. (Ed was a retired FBI SAC here in Pittsburgh and like a second father. Together we solved theft, fraud, and conspiracy within our Borough.)

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