Xander Dal Riata


Xander Dal Riata is the creator and Webmaster of the open-source information portal – Full-Spectrum-Dominance.com – which provides factual, informative, and timely news to readers in over 90 countries around the world. He is also a disabled service veteran currently working in the field of consumer IT support.

FSD was created by Xander Dal Riata, a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps – to provide a focus outlet during his re-cooperation from severe injuries sustained while serving during the Global War on Terror. He currently works in the field of consumer and business IT solutions specializing in security application methods. FSD is best described as an open-source counter-doctrine dynamism docking station for information which isn’t widely followed. FSD has grown to reach readers from all over the world; focusing on — but not limited to — economic and technology related news. Updates are published multiple times a day.

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