Zachary King


Zachary King is a man who grew up as an average boy in an average American neighborhood within a Ba ptist home. He began practicing magick at 10 years old, joined a satanic coven at 13 years old, and had broken all 10 Commandments by 15. From his teen years to adulthood he worked his way up to High Wizard in the coven and actively pushed satan’s agenda including ritualistic abortions and breaking up churches. Zack also attended Bohemian Grove though what he learned on the dark side about the real agenda of satanism greatly transcends Bohemian Grove and involves the great evil of abortion which is satanism´s ritualistic underpinning. Were it not for an event in 2008 , at a shopping mall, where he had a life changing encounter with the Blessed Mother through the power of the Miraculous Medal, Zachary may have never been converted to the light of Jesus Christ and might never have been able to give the testimony that he has to share. That event rescued Zachary from hell and brought him straight to the Heart of Mary´s Son Jesus. After 26 years in the occult, Zachary became a warrior for Christ and brings his knowledge for the protection of God’s people and especially to fight abortion. His work now is to give witness to the truth about satanism, abortion and to serve God´s Kingdom.

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