How To Liberate The World In 30 Days: A Step-By-Step Guide to Take Back Your Country

by Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt

"This book needs to be in the hands of every millennial and Bible-believing pastor in America."
Dr. Alan Keyes
American diplomat, commentator and politician

Frustrated at the direction your country is headed?

Ready to fight for a cause and change the world?

Do you believe God has called Christians to political activism?

In How To Liberate The World In 30 Days, Gordon Klingenschmitt equips you with 30 powerful political tools in a 30-day devotional. His 15 inspiring, true stories of political victory prove the effectiveness of these methods. You don’t even need to get elected to take back your government! By becoming the media, gathering petitions, building an army, and prayerfully fighting the right enemy, you can reverse bad laws and help establish the kingdom of God right now. And you just might get elected too.

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