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From Sovereign to Serf

In From Sovereign to Serf – Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words, author Roger Sayles not only inspires you to stand up for your God-given rights and against government tyranny; he gives you the means to do so.

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Based on archival documents, this is the true story of how a disparate group of activist investors–from a PR star to a Holocaust survivor–found each other and became the advocates Fortune 500 management loved to hate.

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Taking Back Trump’s America

In this follow-up to the breakout bestseller In Trump Time, Peter Navarro explains why Trump lost the White House in 2020 and how he will win it back in 2024—and none too soon.

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A Few Bad Men

A Few Bad Men is the incredible true story of an elite team of U.S. Marines set up to take the fall for Afghanistan war crimes they did not commit—and their leader who fought for the redemption of his men.

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Blueprint of 2 Americas

The United States began its split from God nearly 100 years ago. The Blueprint for 2 Americas dives deep into how far the progressive movement has gone to destroy the conservative values of America’s forefathers.

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The Simulated Multiverse

The Simulated Multiverse: An MIT Computer Scientist Explores Parallel Universes, The Simulation Hypothesis, Quantum Computing and the Mandela Effect by

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The Simulation Hypothesis

The Simulation Hypothesis: An MIT Computer Scientist Shows Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics All Agree We Are In

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Demons at my Doorstep

Demons at My Doorstep: The search for my donor father by Dr. Alex Loyd View Author’s Guest Page Strange Whispers

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Uncensored America

Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Family, Faith and Freedom by Allie Bloyd View Author’s Guest Page “Love the creativity. The

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Now What?

Now What?: So You Think You Want to Retire by Robert Couch View Author’s Guest Page Rob Couch uses the