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April 11, 2014
We will be rolling out our new Website and soon after Mobile App to increase your listening and viewing pleasure.  If you would like to be included in our Beta test, we will have a signup available in the next week to assist us in the process.  As John B. says….Make Ready For What’s To Come.


April 4, 2014
Great news, you should notice that the site is faster when navigating through pages or downloading files.  Please keep sending your feedback.


March 27, 2014
The server has been moved and should have had time to propagate, so if  you are still experiencing problems with logging in, seeing Error 404 or  a notice that the site is not secure, your computer is still going to  the old server and feeding you the old information. You need to make  sure that you have logged out, cleared your cache and closed the CTM  window. Please open CTM in a new window and log back in and there  should not be any technical issues. For instructions on how to properly clear your browser’s cache, please click here.

If you still have ANY technical issues after you have followed the above steps, we ask that you next:

  1.  Email us at: techsupport@caravantomidnight.com and please include your phone number and order number.
  2.  Call us at: 214-747-7777 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and please include your phone number and order number.  If you get our friendly voicemail, please leave a message and we will return your call.

We are here to help you have a comfortable experience aboard the mothership that is Caravan To Midnight – The John B. Wells Program! Whether it is help signing-up, logging-in or just answering any general questions!


We have been informed by the manufacturer that there is going to be a delay in shipping for approximately 2 weeks on the model PRM 9000.  Thank you for your patience.


Make ready for what’s to come.

Caravan To Midnight

A New Message from John B:

Coast to Coast AM has decided to go a “different direction” on Saturday night.  I am very happy and honored to have been a member of the C2C family as a regular host since January 7, 2012.  I want to thank the listeners for their support and encouragement over these last two years of regular Saturday night broadcasts. The change that began in 2012 continues, is ever accelerating, and has necessitated this change as well.

I invite those who enjoyed or otherwise found value in the programs I hosted and the topics we discussed to join me for more on my new endeavor, Caravan To Midnight.

Again, thank you all so very much.  May you be blessed and remember to Make Ready for What’s to Come!!!!

Come join John B. Wells and the Caravan to Midnight! 

Caravan to Midnight is a daily radio talk show and subscription podcast like no other! Hosted by John B Wells with new shows Monday-Thursdays. Watch and/or listen to the broadcast from the CTM archive 24/7 anytime by becoming a CTM PROGRAM MEMBER.

CTM has the best talk and best guests every week on real, hard-hitting, alternative news stories and opinions on far-ranging topics and events from Conspiracy Theories and Current Events, to Paranormal, World News, Health & Nutrition, Science, Politics, Religion, Entertainment, Music and Pop-Culture.

CTM broadcasts 24/7 via online membership subscription. Tune in by becoming a new CTM PROGRAM MEMBER and receive the best independent news that $5 a month can buy.

To Learn more about Host John B Wells click here.